About Us

We're More Than A Brand..

What exactly makes us "more than a brand?" We are a company devoted to giving back by donating money to children's hunger organizations. We truly believe that no child should starve or even go to bed with a grumbling stomach. It's in our DNA to strive for a better world, and these are the little things that make a huge impact. It's easy to brush off global problems when they don't affect us as individuals, but we're here to tell you, that doesn't change the facts. The facts are simple. Many children who walk among this beautiful planet are starving and malnourished. Innocent kids don't deserve this! Even if you don't buy any of our products, you can always support the cause by telling other people about it! Let's make a difference, together.


How much do you donate?

We donate 10% of all sales.

Why don't you donate more?

First and foremost we are a business. It takes a lot of capital to provide a quality experience and product. We would love to be able to donate a higher percentage but we are trying our best to make a difference and still keep Yesah running! 

What organization do you donate to?

As of now, we are using a third party company to facilitate our donations to FeedTheChildren.org. Feel free to visit their website and learn more about their mission.

How much have you donated to date?

We opened Yesah in January of 2015 and since then we have been fortunate enough to donate nearly $50,000 to non profit children's hunger organizations like FeedTheChildren. 

Thank you so much for your interest in our company and our mission. We will always continue to give back and we very much appreciate your business. 

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