Yesah Hawk Wooden Watch (Silver Edition)

Yesah Hawk Wooden Watch (Silver Edition)

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Overlooking a waterfall in the vast Smoky Mountains sits a red tail hawk. This predator is a unique and rare sight to see. Unleash your rarity in the form of this beautiful, elegant, and exceptional wooden timepiece. Handcrafted with 100% premium natural wood.

  • Quartz Movement
  • Adjustable By Removing Links
  • Casing is 56mm (length) by 46mm (width).
  • Band Width is 25mm
  • Silver Edition

Disclaimer: Each timepiece is handcrafted by expert watchmakers and unique in it's own way due to different parts of the tree being used. Therefore it may vary, within reason, from our photos. Each piece is unique to you! Cool, huh?

Allergy Information - It's extremely rare for anyone to be allergic to our products, although please keep in mind these are made of wood.

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